Island Bio Greens since 1990 has sought to bring the environmental and economic message to the green industry. We were before our time. Every day we have taught or learned ourselves ways to better respect Mother Nature, Save Money, and deliver optimum and desired Plant and Soil Health.  Let Island Bio Greens put you on the path to economic and environmental success.

All Island Bio Greens Products and/or Management Programs begin with the successful use of "Stand Alone" materials. Whether used singularly or as part of a complete soil, water, and plant management system, Island Bio Greens products will deliver results expected by professionals.  


SPEND LESS - Reduce fertilizer, water & chemical inputs

GET MORE - Promote soil health, life and balance.  Enhance function of nutrient cycling and availability, chlorophyll, photosynthesis, enhanced plant health and growth, stress tolerances, improve recovery from cultural practices, stress & disease.



Ken Kraus, Founder-Owner, President