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Assist 45™ is an innovative liquid fulvic-humic mix that assists in soil regeneration and the formation of organic minerals over time.  Product Info.  Product Label

BioMate™ is a highly concentrated mix of complex sugars, including Glucose, Fructose, Sucrose, Maltose and two strands of energy-promoting bacteria. BioMate provides immediate energy to soil                           microbes and cellular development. Product Info.  Product Label 

 BioRed™/BioGold is a liquid soil amendment that contains free-living soil microbes, providing  your soil with all five major functional microbial groups: actinomycetes, algae, bacteria, fungi, and                          protozoa.  Product Info.  Product Label

Infusiumis a liquid soil and foliar supplement derived from proactive sea minerals.  Instantly enhances the immune system of the plant, providing a boost in energy and growth.         
                       Product Info.  Product Label

Stress X 0-0-12 - A soluble pure extract of Ascophylum nodosum seaweed. Contains natural substances that plants produce for themselves during periods of ideal growing conditions. However, when stressful environental conditions exist, the production of these compounds is inhibited. STRESS–X can provide these compounds to plants during stressful periods result ing in sustained growth and stronger plant defenses against pests. Seaweed has shown positive results in experiments with growth and development, germination, senescence, and root mass. - OMRI - Product Label (pdf)

SeaPlus 3-2-2 -  Liquid Seaweed & fish fertilizer.  Allowed for use by USDA-certified organic  growers - Product Label

Soil Life 3-0-0 The purpose of SoilLife is to improve plant growth by building soil structure, reducing soil compaction, reducing salinity, and aid in soil nutrient availability. Product Label (pdf) 

IBG Bio-Hume WSP 0-0-17 - Potassium Humate.  Readily bio-available soluble powder that stimulates soil micro-organisms.  Improves soil structure, nutrient absorption & retention.    Product Label (pdf) 

Mycostim - Beneficial Mycorrhizae & root colonizing fungi. Includes Kelp & Humic Acid. - Product Label (pdf) 


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