IBG Bio-Hume G - 70% Humic Acid  Product Label 
IBG Bio-Hume WS - Soluble Humic Acid Concentrate 0-0-17  Product Label               

IBG "CGM" Analysis 8-0-3 - Corn Gluten Meal and Sulfate of Potash blend - Product Label
IBG "Pro Balance" 6-0-6 - Product Label   
IBG "Electro Man" 2-0-6, 4Mn, 2 Fe, 6 Ca, 6 S, .5 Mg, 1 Si, 3 Si - Product Label & Info.                       
IBG "Electro Mag"  3-1-1, 8 Mg, 6 Ca, 2 Mn, 1 Fe, 1 Si Product Label & Info
Pro Pop Fall Blend 9-1-6 Product Label


 --Granular unless otherwise noted--  --OMRI Listed where noted

Pro Gro, 5-3-4 - OMRI - Product Label (pdf) 
Pro Start,  2-3-3 - OMRI - Product Label (pdf)                                                                                                          Pro Start, 2-3-3 w/Mycostim Product Label                                     
Pro Holly,  4-6-4 - Product Label (pdf)      
Cheep Cheep 4-3-3 - Derived From: Dehydrated poultry litter. OMRI - Product Label (pdf)                              Greensand Plus 0-0-17 - Potash and Silicate blend - OMRI -  Product Label (pdf) 
Greensand - OMRI - Product Label (pdf)                                                                
Rock Phosphate - Natural Phosphorous amendment - OMRI - Product Label (pdf)                                     
Natural Sulfate of Potash - 0-0-50 OMRI Product Label
Natural Sulfate of Potash, Magnesia- 0-0-22 OMRI Product Label
SEALIFE Kelp Meal (USDA Organic) Product Label                                                                                                    Planters II Trace Mineral Fertilizer G - Perfectly balanced with all the trace minerals essential to  plant health. Product Label
Pro Booster 10-0-0 Product Label
Blood Meal 13-0-0 Product Label
Azomite Product Info

Turf King 15-0-4 25% XCU, 2% Fe & Biosolid Product Label
Turf King Enhanced 25-0-5 with 65% XCU & NutriLife Product Label
Turf King Mini 23-5-11 70% Methylene Urea, 30% AS Product Label
Turf King Mini 23-0-20 Zero - P-95% Methylene, 1% Iron Product Label
Turf King Mini 0-0-50 Derived from Sulfate of Potash Product Label
Turf King Micro 19-0-19 70% Methylene Urea Product Label
Turf King Standard 25-0-4 50% XCU & 2% Iron Product Label



--Blended Granulars for Turf and Fairway--

Screamin' Green, 16-2-3 - Product Label (pdf)
Big "K" Matters, 7-2-12 - Product Label (pdf) 
The Whole Shabang, 6-2-4 - Product Label (pdf) 
Super 8, 5-8-5 Product Label (pdf)
--Greens Grades--

--100% Natural--

Nutrients Plus (4-4-2 with 9% Ca) - OMRI Product Label (pdf) 
Aux-N-Ite (5-4-0) - Product Label (pdf) 
Dynamic Duo (4-3-1) - Product Label (pdf)

Nature Pure 4-4-2 Product Label


SOLUBOR Product Info.  Boron on Apples

Boron is one of seven essential micronutrients vital to fertilization, fruit and seed production & is the most widespread of all crop deficiencies, affecting almost all crops.

Prince Minerals

Granusol Manganese 38%
Granusol Magnesium 42% 
Granusol Iron 36%


Bloom Defender - designed to bolster the nutrients key to stimulating and supporting reproductive growth and strengthening cell walls and vascular structures.  Product Label - Sil-Shield Bloom Defender Product Info

CalSEAum 5-0-0 + 8% Ca - Product Label

ERADICATE - A blend of a high quality surfactant with an innovative solvent which serves to remove the hydrophobic organic deposits which are the root cause of localized dry spots and hydrophobic conditions.  Product Info.  Product Label

Forti-Phite Ignite 3-26-15 -  Product Info.  Product Label

Forti-Phite Basic 0-0-26 -  Product Info.  Product Label (pdf)

Forti Phite Max 2-40-16 w/Silica (Sold in NY as 2-0-16) Product Label

Hume-8 "0-0-8" with 1.5 Chelated Iron (Fe) - Product Label

Humic Acid (20%)  Product Label

Ocean 2-0-0 -  Product Info.  Product Label

POWER PaK 5-0-20 - Product Info.

Resist  2-0-2 Plant Defense Initiator -  Product Info.  Product Label

TRIAD 90 - Represents the latest technology in soil surfactants. Combining two complimentary block surfactants together with a graft polymer surfactant, TRIAD 90 provides true 90 day plus performance! This radically different chemistry increases the hydration characteristics while compensating for microbial degradation of the polymer. The result is an exceptionally uniform hydration, increased water movement, reduction in localized dry spot (LDS) and increased movement through the root zone.  Product Info.  Product Label

TurfWorks 12-0-0 with Fe, Mn, Mg - rapid green-up, complexed with organic acids for increased nutrient    availability. Product Label                                                                                                               

Turfworks (IBG Exclusive) 20-0-5 60% SRN with Kelp & Molasses.       

TurfWorks 20% Humic Acid (Liquid) - A blend of concentrated humic and fulvic acid to increase CEC.  Product Label (jpg)

Hydra Product Info

Micro Defender Product Info

ANswer 31-0-0 - Product Info

Double Header Product Info

Carburetor Product Info

Ultra Defender - a balanced micronutrient package with increased levels of nutrients designed for severe deficiencies and diseased plants that may have limited abilities to translocate nutrients.Product Label


Clarus AGR Nature Pure® 4-4-2

Shark Pelletized Comport Product Label

Cytogro Product Label
Cytogro Pellets Product Label
Aqua-T Product Label

Liquiplex wP
 Product Info
Agro Mos Product Info

CaLpHixx Product Label
Penetrar Product Label

Maxi Cal - Enhanced Pelletized Calcium 30% Ca - Product Label (pdf)
Maxi Cal K - 0-0-22 - Enhanced Pelletized Potassium, 14% Ca, 7.5 % S - Product Label (pdf)
Maxi Cal S - Enhanced Pelletized Calcium sulfate 19% Ca - Product Label (pdf)
Capsulated Dolomitic Limestone  - Product Label (pdf)
Capsulated Gypsum -  Product Label (pdf)
High Calcium Limestone -  Product Label (pdf)   


Invigorate Soil Conditioner & Enhancer - allows plants to more effectively utilize nutrients, facilitates the uptake of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Promoting the availability of nutrients aiding in seed germination and healthier plants. Assists plants during periods of drought. Product Label/Info.



GreenNcrease - 6-0-0 (Liquid/Soluble) a foliar Amino Acid Based Biostimulant.  It contains amino acids and other phyto-positive organics for turf. It is derived from a unique corn fermentation process. GreenNcrease contains over 18 amino acids proven to encourage plant defense mechanisms.  Product Info.  Product Testimonials  Product Label


Pro Sol Fertilizers --Water soluble--

20-20-20 TURF with micronutrients -  An all-purpose 1:1:1 ratio fertilizer for general lawn and turf use. A slightly acidic formula that dissolves quickly and mixes well with other turf protection products. - Product Label 

25-0-25 TURF with micronutrients  - A great product for many varieties of turf. The high-nitrogen formula promotes maximum growth and the potash promotes resistance to drought and disease. Product Label


Hydretain Sports Field Product Info
Hydretain ES Product Info
Hydretain ES Plus Product Info
Hydretain ES Plus II Product Info
Hydretain Granular QD Product Info

Desikote Product Label  Product Info.  Product Sheet


Fiesta -  Effective low-risk turf weed killer.  A selective, broadleaf weed killer that leaves turf healthy and weed-free using a patented  formulated iron chelate solution that even controls moss and algae.  Product Info. Product Label   

Finalsan - non-selective contact herbicide.  Controls grass, weeds, moss, and algae.  Finalsan can be used around turf, ornamentals, and food crop areas including parks, playgrounds, & golf.  Finalsan is OMRI listed. Product Info.  Product Label        

Grandevo PTO - An advanced cross-spectrum insecticide that can control both surface feeders and grubs on turf.  It's the first Organic-OMRI Listed product of it's kind, derived from Chromobacterium subtsugae,naturally occuring bacteria.  It also can be used on ornamental plants.  Product Info.  Product Label

Integrate 20 Soil Surfactant - Improves the initial wetting and subsequent rewetting of soils. It's formulation ensures maximum uptake of water on coarsely textured, hydrophobic soils. It provides uniform penetration and lateral movement of water encouraging improved rooting and nutrient uptake leading to greater plant health and uniformity.  Improves the distribution and effectiveness of soil applied pesticides.

Integrate Pellets - 100% Active Soil Surfactant Pellets. Increase plant vigor, reduce stress and treat LDS in golf and sports turfgrass with Integrate P soil surfactant pellets, powered by a unique blend of surfactants and seaweed extract.  Curative treatment for Localized Dry Spot (LDS) for quick recovery of stressed turf.  Product Label  Product Testimonial 

IronFist - Broad Spectrum Control of Slugs and Snails in Turf & Ornamentals.  Product Info.  Product Label 

Regalia PTO - A plant extract to boost the plants’ defense mechanisms to protect against certain fungal and bacterialdiseases, and to improve plant health.  Prevent turf diseases such as: Dollar Spot, Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Red Thread, Fusarium Patch, Yellow Patch, Leaf Spot, Bermudagrass Delcline, and Pythium (organic & OMRI listed)   Product Info.  Product Label

Assist 45™ is an innovative liquid fulvic-humic mix that assists in soil regeneration and the formation of organic minerals over time.  Product Info.  Product Label

BioMate™ is a highly concentrated mix of complex sugars, including Glucose, Fructose, Sucrose, Maltose and two strands of energy-promoting bacteria. BioMate provides immediate energy to soil microbes and cellular development. Product Info.  Product Label 

BioRed™/BioGold™ is a liquid soil amendment that contains free-living soil microbes, providing  your soil with all five major functional microbial groups: actinomycetes, algae, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.  Product Info. Product Label

Incite™ - a revolutionary, flowable, silica compound that protects soil microbes and plant integrity as it develops.  Product Label

Infusium 2.0 - Liquid “nano” technology soil and foliar supplement derived from Dead Sea Salts.  Contains 90 trace minerals. Product Label  Product Info.

Micro 8 + Eight high-quality micronutrients in form of soluble granules, plus added surfactant.  Product Label



Pro Start with Mycostim - Beneficial Mycorrhizae & root colonizing fungi. Includes Kelp & Humic Acid. Fertilizer turf ag nursery landscape Product Label (pdf) 


Blue Lagoon SS - Super Strength Lake and Pond Colorant - Product Label (pdf) 

BRANDT ORGANICS TREE & VINE MIX  ----OMRI--- -- Liquid Complexed Micronutrient Product Label

Consan Triple Action 20 - To control fungal diseases in turf grasses, including lawns of GRASS or DICHONDRA, including dollar spot (Sclerotina), fusarium blight (Fusarium), leaf spot (Helminthosporium), brown patch (Rhizoctonia), fading-out (Curvularia), pythium blight, rust, toad stools, fairy rings and algal build up. - Product Label (pdf)  

FOLICAL -- Calcium Supplement  Product Label

Midnite Blue WSP - Super Strength Lake and Pond Colorant - Product Label (pdf) 

Nordox 75WG (Copper) - Product Label (pdf) 

Pyganic (Pyrethrin- OMRI) 1.4 II Product Label  

BRANDT SMART TRIO  Foliar Nutrient Delivery  Product Brochure  Product Labe

  • Zinc, Manganese and Boron enhance key physiological functions and relieve plant stress

TriTek OMRI Horticultural Oil  Product Label



A.D.I.O.S. - Selective organic weed control for turf.  A post-emergent eco-friendly (organic & OMRI listed) foliar herbicide used for the control of broadleaf weeds.  This non-toxic and odorless selective weed killer can be safely used on turfs & lawns or around plants, bushes, small trees, fruits and vegetables gardens.  Product Label  

Cedar Oil - Minimum Risk Product Product Label

Ecotrol Plus - Broad Spectrum Insecticide and Miticide for Turf & Ornamentals, mosquito & tick control. Contains Rosemary & botanical oils.  Product Label

Garlic Barrier Insect Repellant - Organic-OMRI Listed  Product Label

Grub Guard - A mixture of two thoroughbred strains of nematodes called Steinernema sp. and Heterorhabditis sp. for biological control of grubs in turf.  Product Label 



Note: Grass seed components and varieties change frequently based on producer availability.  General mixes below.  Other Mixes available, ask us.

50/50 Blue/Rye Mix
Mix of Appalachian KB, Alley Cat KB, Academy III and Black Cat PRG 

IBG Eco-Mix
Mix of 45% Integrity TTTF, 40% Titanium TTTF, 10% Slugger PRG, 5% Blackjack KBG.

IBG Links Mix
Mix of 10% Appalachian KB, 30% each of Navigator II CRF and Compass chewing fescue with Black Cat II PRG.

IBG Sun and Shade
Mix of 10% Appalachian KB, 30% each Academy III and Black Cat PRG with 30% Navigator II creeping red fescue.

IBG Perennial Tri-Rye
Perennial Mix

ll American Mix

25% Titanium LS Tall Fescue

25% Stingray Tall Fescue

25% Flash II Perennial Ryegrass

25% Slugger Perennial Ryegrass

Dense Shade

40% Navigator II Creeping Red Fescue

40% Radar Chewings Fescue

15% Grandslam GLD Perennial Rye

5% Arrowhead Kentucky Bluegrass


Drought Defy

35% Titanium LS Tall Fescue

35% Raptor II Tall Fescue

20% GrandSlam II Perennial Rye

10% Zinger Kentucky Bluegrass


Elite Lawn
25% Arrowhead Kentucky Bluegrass
25% Volt Kentucky Bluegrass
25% Stellar 3GL Perennial Rye

25% Grand Slam GLD Perennial Rye

50% Stingray Tall Fescue
45% Titanium LS Tall Fescue

5% Stellar 3GL^ Perennial Rye

Showcase Mix
40% Grand Slam GLD Perennial Rye
35% Stellar 3GL Perennial Rye
15% Corsair Kentucky Bluegrass

10% Arrowhead Kentucky Bluegrass

Sun To Shade Park
60% Spyder LS’ Tall Fescue
15% Radar Chewings Fescue
10% Navigator II Creep Red Fescue

10% Academy III Perennial Rye

5% Corsair Kentucky Bluegrass

Top Notch Turf
50% Spyder LS Tall Fescue
45% Stingray Tall Fescue

5% Arrowhead Kentucky Bluegrass

Tri Rye Mix 
34% Grand Slam GLD Perennial Rye
33% Stellar 3GL Perennial Rye
33% Apple SGL Perennial Rye
34% Spyder LS Tall Fescue
33% Titanium Tall Fescue
33% Raptor II Tall Fescue