Home & Garden Programs

All homeowner turf and garden programs are designed based on custom consultations and quotes are not available on line. The programs below are designed to be examples of schedule and product diversity. Individual goals for lawn and garden are attained through a sound soil testing regiment. 

The following programs are available to local and regional garden centers at wholesale. 

Sample Program A - Homeowner Turf Program - Traditional Program

         March application  -  Soil amendment of Mega Mend 333 or Calcitic Lime

         April application  -  Pre Emergent Crabgrass control, 23-0-4

         May application  -  Weed and Feed 26-0-3

         July application  -  Lawn Insect control

         August application  -  28-0-4 slow release fertilizer

         September application  -  Seed bed preparation / Add Humic Acid granular with IBG seed mix

         October application  -  Apply winterizer  18-0-12


Sample Program B - Tree and Shrub Transplant Program

At time of planting be sure of following:

-  Use approved non invasive plant species known to succeed in the geographic area you are in.

-  Properly select the micro environment that will favor transplant success.

-  Dig hole at the proper depth and width to adequately allow for 3x root development

-  If a tree spade was used,  then adequately open sides of hole with pick ax to allow for roots to drive through the sides.

-  Loosen Root ball and burlap if existing.

-  Prepare Organic mixes in combination to include 1/4 # each of Electro Start with Electro Man per 1" Caliper plant. 

-  Water heavily to saturation with Solution IBG Bio-Hume ws,  Mycostim and Stress X.

-  Repeat waterings daily for first 3 weeks unless it is a wet period

-  Reduce watering to twice a week

-  Repeat Organic feeding as needed or 3-4 months after transplant.


Sample Program C - Tree and Shrub Maintenance Program 

- At Post flowering or at first initial stress,  Drench in to the soils a solution of IBG Bio-Hume ws, Mycostim  and Stress X (Color of solution should be that of a watered down cola) then water in additionally.

- At High Stress or period of insect or fungal invasion.  Prepare mix of Fossilica, Organicide, Regalia PTO and IBG Bio-hume WS as Foliar spray.

- You may also at this time sidedress the plant with IBG Electro Man (with manganese and iron) for color improvement in the leaf tissue.  If however, your flowering plants are not producing the brightest colors possible you may elect to sidedress with IBG Electro Mag (8% magnesium).

- Repeat High Stress sprays as needed.

- Sidedress again in the Fall with a combination of Electro Start and either Electro Man or Mag.  This fall feed may allow you to skip the granular application the following summer.


Sample Program D - Turf and Garden Soil Preparation (for flowers, herbs and vegetables)

- Test your soil for Base nutrient and determine elemental additives

- At time of cultivation for areas with Low Organic Matter, (High sand), Turn over the soils and add Ogranic compost as Manure blend or EZ - flow Pelletized compost.  If Remineralizing, add Mega Mend 333 and Planters  II Rock dust.

 - Add granular Electro Start and Roto til in.

- Pre treat seeds with solution of Bio-Hume ws,  Mycostim and stress X.

- Side dress all plants  at 4 weeks with Electro Gro 5-3-4


Sample Program E - Organic Turf Protocol, for the Homeowner or Landscape Professional - 4.25#nitrogen

     March visit  -  Soil amendment of Mega Mend 333 or Calcitic Lime

     April visit  -  Phosphorous Free - IBG "Pro Balance" 6-0-6 w "Grobiotics" 

     May  visit  -  Corn glutin meal - IBG "CP -83"  8-0-3   -  1/2 rate 12.5 lbs 1000'

     June visit  -  Corn glutin meal  - IBG "CP - 83"  8-0-3  -  1/2 rate

     July visit  -  IBG   "Electro Man"  2-0-6 with Manganese and iron

     September visit  -  Seed bed preparation / Add Humic Acid granular with IBG seed mix /

                                    Fertilize  IBG "Pro-Balance" 6-0-6 w "Grobiotics" tm. 

     October visit  -  Phosphorous Free - IBG "Pro Balance" 6-0-6 w "Grobiotics"

     November visit  -  IBG Mega Mend 333 or Planter II Rock mineral