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North Country Organics
--Granular unless otherwise noted--
Greensand Plus 0-0-17 - Potash and Silicate blend - OMRI -  Product Label (pdf)

- Potassium silciate- OMRI - Product Label (pdf)                                                               
Rock Phosphate
- Natural Phosphorous amendment - OMRI - Product Label (pdf)                                    
Stress X 0-0-17
- WS - OMRI -  Product Label (pdf)
Bone Char 0-16-0 - Bio char - OMRI
Sulfate of Potash - 0-0-50 OMRI
Sul-Po-Mag - 0-0-22 - Natural Sulfate of Potash - Magnesia
Kelp meal

Prince Minerals

Granusol Manganese 38%
Granusol Magnesium 42%
Granusol Iron 36%

Island Bio Greens

Planters' II rock dust mineral
- enlivened rock powder- Product Label (pdf)                                       
IBG Bio-Hume G
- 70% Humic acid- Product Label (pdf) - www.humates.com
IBG Bio-Hume WS
- Soluble humic acid concentrate 0-0-17- Product Label (pdf)                                
IBG MegaMend
333 - Equal Parts each Gypsum, Humic acid and Planters II Rock Dust


Shark Pelletized Comport Product Label


Cytogro Product Label
Cytogro Pellets Product Label


Hydretain Sports Field Product Info
Hydretain ES Product Info
Hydretain ES Plus Product Info
Hydretain ES Plus II Product Info
Hydretain Granular QD Product Info